This Week’s Gratitude Greats

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My visual gratitude journal continues….


Of course, this week I include fireworks which are not only stunning on their own, but I am also grateful for all the freedoms that we use them to celebrate!


Grand-babies, the two I already have and the one on the way!  They are all a precious gift, and I am reminding again of the awe inspiring miracle of their arrival.

polka dot legs

Went to the zoo this week.  How great are the polka dot legs on this chicken sized blue pigeon?  That is definitely going to appear in a painting one of these days! I am thankful for the diversity that we are surrounded with!



It seems that I spend much of my time fighting the clock, but I am actually grateful for the gift of time that we use to measure our days and mark our memories.



Do you ever think about how complex the activities of our brain are?  It keeps track of a gazillion little things that don’t even hit my awareness.  I joke about needing a personal secretary, but actually I have one… my brain does a pretty good job making sure I make the phone call, juggle priorities, navigate safely through the house, breathe, …. you get the idea.  Thanks, brain.

There you have it, my gratitude greats for the week.  What are yours?

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