Making Art Papers with CitraSolv

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I love using “CitraSolv paper” as I call it, in my mixed media collages, but found I had about wiped out my stash!  Time for a CitraSolv party!  I gathered my supplies:

CitraSolv Concentrated Cleaner

spray bottle

National Geographic magazines (I like to use 2000 or newer)


clothesline and clothespins

That’s it!  Though this time I added alcohol inks in spray bottles to play around with some added colors.


After spraying several pages generously with the CitraSolv, I closed the National Geographic magazines and let them sit for awhile – maybe 5 minutes or so.  On the pages I played with the ink, I alternated between spraying it on with the CitraSolv, or spraying it later onto the still wet pages.  When I opened the pages, they were a wet, wrinkly mess of beautiful inky designs. WARNING:  your hands will end up a MESS, so if you don’t want to have black fingernails the next few days you might want to add gloves to your supply list.


I carefully tear each page out of the magazine and promptly hang it on the clothesline I put up.  I really like doing this outside, or on a screened porch both because of the mess, and because the ever present Kansas breeze helps dry the pages quickly, making room on the line for more!


Once completely dry, I pull them off the line and end up with a nice stack of pretty and unique papers.  Before I work with them, I will spray with a workable fixative to keep them from getting smudgy.


Now I am ready for creating!

For more on CitraSolv as an art medium:

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