Citra Solv meets Zentangle

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I recently pulled out a stack of my National Geographic pages that had been altered by spraying on concentrated Citra Solv, an environmentally friendly, all purpose cleaner.  I looked carefully at each page to see what picture was “revealed”.  I thought this page kind of looked like hair, with just a hint of a woman’s face if you look closely enough.


After spraying the page with a workable fixative, I picked up a favorite Micron Pigma pen, and started doodling, zentangle style, right onto the paper.  I drew in a face, and added some stylized blooms.  I kept doodling where ever my fancy led me to further reveal the image hidden on the page.

B3 B4

Finally came the decision to add just one color to what I had drawn.  I chose an orange red for its contrast with the black/brown of the page.



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