White Space

room for white space

I recently read a blog post by one of my favorite artists, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  As she was talking about her art journal style, she mentioned that she doesn’t lean toward much white space.  In fact, that is one thing I love about her art, there is so much going on.  In my own artwork I tend to push toward a fuller canvas.  I want every possible inch to have something to say.

As I thought about it, that goes for more than my art.  I fill up my schedule, my house, my to do list, my goals and aspirations…. everything to the max.  There is not only little white space in my art, but in my life as well.

In my drive to make the most of life and take hold of every good thing out there, my life is more than full.  I enjoy so many wonderful things and people, yet also miss something vital to my soul.  My life needs a little more white space.  I need time to reflect and reevaluate. I need to take more time to quietly listen to the Spirit of God whispering to me.  I need time to just breathe and be.  I need more white in my life to better appreciate the colorful fullness I live.

I used a Jane Davenport stencil from Artistcellar for the face on top of a gelli plate background, then drew the “hair” and words with a black Sharpie and Copic marker.

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