Montana Journal Part 3

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Last week I left off my Montana trip journal at our stop at Mt. Rushmore, so that is where we pick up again.  We rode a tram up to a fun little restaurant that served buffalo burgers and gave us a great view of the distant Mt. Rushmore.  The way back down was a giant slide.  I didn’t get many photos from here, so I made my own!  The tram on this page is made from a coke can, cut and folded.  Rivets fasten on the safety bar, and make a place for a baker twine line to run through so that the “tram” can actually slide back and forth on the page.  I cut heads of my daughters out of other photos, and made paper bodies to go with them.  I slide these into the tram, and created a visual memory of the day.


The title for the page was cut out of a map page.


That night was spent at the Roubaix Lake Campground where we spent a very soggy night in our tents in a thunderstorm.  The lake was beautiful though! Whenever I knew I would be adding a photo in later, I used a block of scrapbook paper to hold the spot.



Hitting the road again, I did more sketching and journaling on my lap in the car, noting any interesting things that we saw on the way.  I had brought along a small set of letter stamps that proved very handy!

IMG_2906  IMG_5211

A few pages from this keepsake trip journal were included in the Autumn 2014 issue of Somerset Memories.  I am always excited to spot a magazine that my work is in, like this from my local Michael’s store!


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