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Lately I have been using a small spiral bound mixed media journal like the one included in my new Art Journal Kits.

strathmore journalart journal label

In it, I have used, in addition to a pencil, only watercolors and the Uniball 207 pen which are also included in the kit.

watercolors2 uniball signo 207

I am trying to do at least one sketch a day to improve my skills.  Sometimes notes, or handwritten thoughts occur in there too.  Basically, anything goes….the one rule being to only use what is in the Art Journal Kit.  So, to start with, I am using the most basic supplies.

I have really been attracted to chickens lately…

B7 B9

and I have been trying out some other critters as well…

B10  B1

One of my “morning pages” where my prayerful thoughts emerge onto the page:

B5 B6

Some have my Scripture doodles and sermon notes.


Others are simply whatever is going on in my life.

B3  B12


Others are just experiments, like this face done in watercolor alone, without sketching out first.


I love the pages in these little mixed media books. They can hold up to super soppy work as well as work well with marker or pencil, or give a sturdy surface for collage.

What has been happening in your art journal lately?



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  1. These sketches are amazing and so happy, sounds like a silly descriptive word, I know … but this makes me want to learn more about drawing, to be able to record even the simple happenings in life not only in words but thru my art journal.

    • Happy works for me, thanks! I love a sketchbook for the freedom of failure that it gives! It only helps you improve, anything goes in a sketchbook! Happy sketching!

  2. I really enjoy your creative, generous spirit.

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