Valentine Mini Album Card

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accordian fold card

Making Valentine cards has long been a tradition around my house.  This year I was looking for something a little different, so I decided to try my hand at the accordion cards that I have been seeing.  I made mine with 4 x 6 pages, so that a cropped photo fits nicely. I had so much fun that I shared the project with a group.


The first step was to cut up a bunch of papers into 6 x 8 inch pieces so that when folded they would make 4 x 6 inch pages. I used scrapbook paper, magazines, calendars, and book pages to make a wide range of page choices.


Picking only four sheets was tricky business!  I also used two 4 x 6 inch pieces for the front and back covers.


I folded the papers so that the “pretty” side was on the inside of the fold.  I overlapped each page with one folded the opposite direction and glued the facing pages together. This way each panel was doubled and plenty sturdy even if the original paper was flimsy.


Once folded, a hole was punched in the outer edge, and a bit of baker’s twine strung through to tie the card shut.


Then it was time to embellish with stamps, papers, markers, and photos.

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Can’t show the end result, they are for Valentine’s Day gifting!

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  1. your album is awesome! thanks for sharing your process!

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