Lil’ Junker

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I always get excited when I introduce one of my new little creations. Most of them are a long time coming as they stir around in my head for quite some time until they finally become so insistent that I actually have to go into production.  My Lil’ Junker art journal was one of those ideas that has been brewing over time.  I wanted something small enough to fit nicely in my purse for on the go journaling in those few minutes here or there.  At 4 x 6 inches, it is small enough to keep with you, but just large enough to be able to fit in photos, or recipes, or shopping lists. It makes me actually happy to wait on a train because I can just pull out this sweet little thing and enjoy a small burst of creativity!

On the outside, the cover is made from my own artwork, and I also added some fun embellishment with silky sari scraps and glass beads.


I love the inner beauty of a junk journal with all of their rescued rubbish pages.  No better way to recycle than reusing and repurposing.  I also like the idea that your page is already started with the colors and images of the papers included.

lil junker pages

I take special care in selecting the papers for each of my journals.  It might have any or all of the following ingredients:

papers from books, magazines, calendars, dictionaries…
map pages
scrapbook papers
blank papers
index cards and dividers
transparencies                                                                                                                                                                       wallpaper                                                                                                                                                                                postcards

….or any other wonderful things I find to stick in!


envelopes for keep your “smashables”


tabs to organize, or just for fun…

lil junker tabs

Once in your hands, you can start the real fun!  You can cut the pages however you wish…

lil junker scallop

Draw journaling lines on the pages with a white Sharpie paint pen…

lil junker white sharpie

Journal right on the page with a white Signo Uniball gel pen

white signo

…or paint, draw and smash!

lil junker moon

lil junker painted

Just think of all the wonderful possibilities!

(If you would like to purchase a Lil’ Junker, they are available here)

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  1. What a terrific idea! Thx for sharing it!

  2. I love your little junk journal – especially the front cover. I have been thinking about getting or making a small journal for when I travel. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Awesome junk journal! Thanks for sharing!

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