Stencil and Mask Making

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It’s Technique Tuesday, and today I want to revisit a quick and easy way to make your own stencils and masks using magazine images.  You could do this with animals and objects as well, but my favorite is the human form.

It is easy to find appropriate magazine images, just look for images that can be identified in silhouette as a person!  Sometimes funky arm angles or a partly turned head can be a problem, so watch for good arm and head positions.

1mag 2pages

Once you have chosen your figures, the next step is to simplify the features.  I usually get rid of the hair.


Then, I cut out the image and laminate, but you could also trace it onto a file folder or cereal box cardboard.


Cut out again, and you have a beautiful mask and stencil to use again and again!


Now it is time to play! So many things you can do with these!

m5  m6

IMG_4491 10

Have fun with these!

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  1. That’s a really effective technique. I think I would fail at the first hurdle – precision cutting of magazine paper. I didn’t bring my laminator with me from Scotland for obvious reasons and have not replaced it so thanks for suggesting the alternative option of tracing into cereal box cardboard. I might have to give this a go.

  2. Kathy Hunter

    Kayann, this was an interesting lesson. I always knew that a laminator would be handy, but never actually thought of utilizing it for making a mask. As creative as I desire to be and am, I have so much to learn. I really appreciate your artful posts and blogs. Hope to see you at Wichita Women Artists on Thursday.

    • Thank you Kathy. There are so many wondrrful ideas and techniques out there to be discovered, it keeps us all busy learning doesn’t it? See you Thursday!

  3. What a great idea. I have painted a cut out figure and journaled on it in white ink, but never made a reusable figure. I’ll be doing this! I’d better get that junk mail catalog out of the garbage right away.

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