It’s a Horse, of Course!

Not long ago, I decided to try something new. It was something that a customer had asked for almost a year ago, but I dismissed because “I don’t do those.” Well, it stuck in my head, and I finally decided there really was no reason I couldn’t do one!  After all, what is an artist without a little imagination?

"Equine Imagination"
“Equine Imagination”

So here is my version of a horse.  Something totally new to me.  That was a month or so ago… just about two weeks before a totally unrelated project came up involving…you guessed it, a horse!  I am glad that I decided to open myself up to new possibilities!

2015-03-04 12.24.22

I enjoy using fun collage elements in my work.  It turns into an I Spy adventure!  In this piece can you spot a woman, a bird, a flower, some leaves, and a tiny little horse?

I also used my favorite Citra Solv altered papers.  Almost gives it a bit of a dragon look don’t you think? Hmm…. I have never done a dragon….

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