The Red Barn Outdoor Market

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Every April and September I am sure to save a spot on my calendar for The Red Barn Outdoor Market.  I have had a booth at this show since their very first one, back when there were maybe 40 vendors.  My daughter and I used a borrowed tent and I thought the lot of us would blow away as we struggled to get it set up. But we made it, and had a great time visiting with folks and listening to the music, and eating yummy food.



My how this event has grown!  There are now 140 vendors, more porta potties, more food trucks, an atm machine, and more shoppers than ever!  But, it is still about visiting with friends, listening to music, and just generally hanging out with a crowd that loves and supports local handmade and vintage goodness.

It is a lot of work getting everything ready, but well worth it. If you are anywhere in the Central Kansas region this Saturday, come on by and say hi!  I have lots of fun stuff I have been creating!

IMG_6064 ot1 cuffs IMG_4810 IMG_4812 IMG_4813 IMG_4816 painted purse painted cuffs painted billfold littles journals from vintage books IMG_4824 IMG_4818 IMG_2283 head wraps

And don’t worry, I have a better tent now, with weights to keep it anchored.


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  1. Beautiful stuff!!! Good luck (although you won’t need it!)

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