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I have come to love doing my collage and mixed media on wood panels.  It gives a nice rigid surface, and has a durable quality. For small panels I like to use Ash wood in a chunky thickness so that the buyer has the option to set them on a shelf.


I am so blessed to have a supportive and handy husband!  He goes with me to the lumber yard, advises me on quality as I select my wood, then hauls it home and cuts it to the sizes I want.


Then, he patiently sands each board until it is silky smooth and ready for my use.


These are a favorite for gluing on my Citra Solv creations.

wood panels

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  1. Susan GantZ

    What’s your favorite glue to use with the CS papers?

    • Susan, I like to use either matte gel medium or Yes! Paste spread on thin with a palette knife or credit card. Then I use a brayer to smooth out any lumps or bubbles.

  2. Susan GantZ

    Thank you. I’m a CS addict,mostly printing on the papers with a Gelli plate. I love the way you mask your focal.It really helps the wonderful CS texture stand out.

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