Vintage Camper Redo

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Those of you who have followed me for awhile may remember that quite awhile back we purchased a vintage 50s era camper.  It was definitely a fixer upper, the first order of business the gaping hole in the door where a window should have been!


We could not find any windows to fit, so my handy husband made a framework to adapt a purchased window to the hole in the door.  Off to a good start!


Since then, it has sat for awhile as the busyness of life interfered with our “fixing up”.  But with vacation plans upon us, we got in gear and got a few other essentials done… like getting it all wired so the lights would work (outside, not inside), and something with the wheel bearings, and some holes in the roof patched…. kind of boring, but pretty essential!

IMG_5725 IMG_5724

We also did some funner things, like some paint, and shelf paper and general cleaning and sprucing.  We also made some cushions for the bench seats, and my husband made a rod that we hung a shower curtain on to make a little changing/closet-turned-bathroom area.

dining area curtain

That same curtain serves to partition off the sleeping area, which is still just a wooden platform on which we will put an air mattress.

sleeping platform

There is still lots more painting to do… more leaks to fix, benches to make for the larger sleeping area…. and a built in ice box to add to the “kitchen”.

leak 2 leak

We also need to hook up this cute little sink to a water tank, and try out the fun little heater.  More to do another day!

kitchen sink  HEATER

But for now we will just use it as is!


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  1. Boy this reminds me of one we had growing up! ???

  2. Shaping up Real nice! I am excited for you!

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