Island Beauty

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Starting with a cabinet door, and an vintage 1954 map of the West Indies, I set out to create a piece that has been on my mind for several months.

I love this old map, and decided to embrace the folds and stains that it shows.


As I started working on it, I made a shift in direction.  Originally, I wanted to add a bunch of hardware into her hair….but somehow once I painted the face, it just seem too soft and gentle to fit the more grunge appearance I had set out for.  So, as so often happens, I let the art lead me where it wanted to go.


I added used a turquoise blue to shade her face so it would kind of tie in with the map behind her.  I have really been working on faces. Sometimes they turn out, and sometimes they don’t!  They are a bit mysterious to me… but I will keep working and improving.  Keeping loose is a real challenge, especially when working with collage.

I found a wonderful wallpaper border full of roses, and I decided they would be a good accent in her hair, and in the corner. I painted over the roses with acrylic paint.  Here is the filtered instagram version:


All done!


The original can be found at EcoFest. through mid October.

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  1. Superb! I love the way the map ties into the colours used as accents in your painting. It makes it really coherent and visually pleasing.

  2. Wow!! She’s beautiful! I love the detail you put into your art!

  3. Beautiful! I love how the total look she has pulls everything together.

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