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I don’t do a lot of craft shows, but I have a few this fall.  My first of the season was the Kansas Barn Sale last weekend.  As I was reorganizing my “Craft show kit”(a small vintage metal suitcase full of handy supplies) I thought about how I have fine tuned the contents over the last few years.  Maybe my list will help out a craft show beginner.

Starting at the left side, I have business cards, and an assortment of price tags – both stickers and hang tags.  No matter how well I think I did at pricing everything, I inevitably discover something that missed getting a price on it.  I also take a handful of blank cards, handy for making little signs.  In the top left corner is a stamp with my business contact information.

In the first little red basket on the left, I have pens, the essential Sharpie, scissors, a paper punch, and a spool of wire – which more than once has served handy for securing displays against a raging Kansas wind.  I purchased the duct tape pen from a young entrepreneur at one of my first shows and it has been going to shows with me ever since!

The next basket has all of my hanging supplies…. S hooks, clothespins, safety pins, and other assorted clips.

The green basket on the right, has hand sanitizer, insect repellant, a calculator, school glue, super glue (for repairs), a spool of gray thread and needles (also for repairs), rubber bands, string, washi tape, and bandaids.  Once I had to wear a makeshift bandage made out of washi tape and a paper towel after badly pinching my finger in the show tent.  Bandaids work much better and I have carried some with me ever since.  It is also a good idea to have a small roll of toilet paper because many times the porta potties run out before the craft show ends (also why I bring hand sanitizer).

Things just seem to run smoother when you are prepared.  Every item in my case has come in handy on multiple occasions.  It is great to have everything always packed and ready to go.

Feel free to download and print this checklist, or adapt for your own use!


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  1. Kayann, I loved your Groucho Marx quote so much that I sent links to my family…..and my husband gave me a print for my birthday. I just got it yesterday and I wanted to thank you. Beautiful work!

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