Crow at Home

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crow watermark

I stopped at a convenience store lately and there were several crows hanging out in front, strutting around pecking at the occasional crumbs of food left behind by hurrying customers.  I paused to take pictures of them and wondered about their diet of chips, and hot dog buns, and who knows what else there on the sidewalk.  So this crow got moved to what feels more natural surroundings on a background  of Citra Solv papers with some reverse painted leaves and branches.

Created on 11 x 14 watercolor paper with collage and paint.

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  1. Beautiful! I love this one. I’ve always rather liked crows. I have wondered before about what the diets of urban birds do to their health. There are gulls that live entirely off junk food. That can’t be good.

  2. Susan Gantz

    I love grows, and their cousins, magpies. They’re smart, know how to improvise, and love to collect random things. Not so keen on their habit of eating road kill — is this one for sale?? Email me please.

  3. Love those antique like citra solv papers.

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