Leaves Stencil Set

I am so excited to begin to introduce my own line of stencils and masks.  These are designs that I have been wishing for as I do my own artwork, and I thought you might like them too!

leaves to sell2

I have been having so much fun playing around with these little leaf masks (the reverse of a stencil).  They have proved very handy already.  Mine have become green because of using them multiple times with both spray inks and acrylic paints.

Here is a close up of a piece of art that I just used these in…

leaf stencil copy

The longest of the leaves measures 4 inches, and the widest is 3 inches.  There are 18 in the set, plus a little bonus blossom doodle. I can’t wait to use them in many other projects I have in mind!

If you would like some leaf bits, find them in my etsy shop.

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  1. Those are fabulous! I’ve been contemplating masks for use with the gelli plate. I may have to treat myself to a set of these at some stage.

    • Thank you, I have really been enjoying my set and have already used them in so many ways! The gelli plate is a great idea!

  2. These are great!! Are you cutting these out yourself or do you have someone else do that for you? (If you don’t mind, I’m going to share this on my page. 🙂

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