The Year of the Faces

One of my goals for 2016 is to continue working on faces, in fact, I am going to try to do at least 365 faces!  I gifted myself with this nifty little leather journal full of handmade paper to inspire myself to stick with it.  Here are the first 12 faces…


20160111_151757 20160111_151851

I am finding the paper a bit hard to paint on, but I am determined to persevere!  I keep reminding myself the goal here is not perfection, it is simply to practice and experiment with color mixing, face shapes, eyes, shading, nose shapes, etc. So much on a face!

20160111_151809  20160111_151816


Have you set an artsy goal for the year?

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  1. Yes! 100 faces! Haven’t tried painting any of them yet though. Yours are looking good! Will you be drawing any, trying different mediums? I always enjoy your work.

  2. I have lots of goals for this year, including art ones. Among them is drawing 100 faces in order to refine and hone my own style of drawing faces and to work in a series that coheres.

    • Yes, I have trouble deciding how I best like to do a nose, for example. Hopefully by the end of the year I will get a handle on it!

  3. My main goal is to simplify everything in life including art play. I started my 100 faces last year but for some reason I just stopped last August. But I will take up my pencil again and start practicing, improve and find my own style and to produce a monthly face in canvas or wood.

    • That sounds like a great goal! I too work on spurts and starts and then lay off for awhile all together! So glad uou just pick up again!

  4. These are amazing, hope you continue to post your progress! I’m working on lettering this year everything from block to brush pen calligraphy

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