The Delegate

the delegate watermark

This is one of those pieces that took a different turn than what I had originally planned.  The background was going to have some negative painted jungle type leaves in it, but I loved the flowy juicy background that I made too much to cover it up!

Here it is as I was beginning…


….and here as I ended up….


As you can see, I had blocked out the general area for the body.  I painted my face on a separate sheet of paper… just acrylic on light weight drawing paper, and then added it to the piece.  The image below shows the sari remnant that I glued on her turban.  I also added cheesecloth for the white twisty part.


I tried out some different things for the headdress and tunic.  Some of my own printed papers, and a hand carved feather stamp, though you can’t really see either in the finished result!  So it goes with mixed media layering!

Wallpaper bits and some pen and ink work finished off the tunic.

I am not sure what exotic place this person (or even for sure if it is a woman or young man!) is from, but they look like someone regal and important like a delegate.

Where do you think they are from?

Have a happy, creative weekend!

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  1. Love her skin!! What a beautiful picture!

  2. Mary Holmes

    One of my favorites! Your work is very inspiring to me. Thank you!

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