Funky Crow Board Book


I have a small stack of board books left over from my own kids that I am turning into small scale art journals.  The sturdy pages make collage easy, and the limited number of pages make them perfect for a theme.

BK 1 cover

This first one is full of papers cut from a book full of graffiti photographs, as well as some funky crow creatures.   I thought about adding words, but for now I think I will just leave the graphic illustrations to inspire their own story in our imaginations. Guess it is truly a picture book!

spread 1 done

There are some bits of Citra Solv paper here and there, and lots of doodling!

spread 2 done

spread 3 done

spread 4 done

spread 5 done.jpg

And finally, the back cover….

BK 1 back

Which page is your favorite?

I was definitely influenced by the work of Roxanne Coble (aka by bun) go check out her cool pages!

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  1. WOW … I love this, don’t necessarily have a favorite page, but my favorite part is the doodling, esp on the birds, just adds more “funk” to the book. Such a clever idea! Who knew crows could be so cute!

  2. cafeartistes

    This is awesome, as usual! I love the whole thing. I have several board books from my kids, too. Now you’ve got my wheels turning.

  3. I love all of the doodles and the way your repeated colours and mark making make the pages cohesive within the whole book. The crow figures are a delight. My favourite is the page with the three crows as it makes me think of a song from my childhood – “Three Craws sat upon a wa'”.

  4. Thanks for sharing that song title with me… I am going to have to remember that!

  5. Kayann—when you ship the little crow book to me, could you please put little pieces of waxed paper between the pages… I have found that sometimes when acrylics are fresh and if they are in any heat, they will stick together…. have you ever experienced that? Thanks again, Susan : )

  6. Michelle Bishop

    I have two favorite pages, the first full page and the last full page. Great idea!

  7. Shelly Moore

    I love the one with the graffiti! 🙂

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