“New” Paint Shirt


paint shirt

I often wear a paint apron, but once in awhile I just need a little more coverage!  I seem to always be dipping my elbow in paint, or backing up against wet paint… So when we decided to all wear paint paint shirts for a collaborative painting event, I finally headed to the thrift store and bought a couple of white paint shirts to play with.

white dress shirt

And play I did! I used some fabric paints that I had on hand, but you could also mix fabric medium with regular acrylic paints to keep the fabric soft and supple.


On the back I printed CREATE across the shoulders, and added some quotes above it.  I used my new favorite circus stencil here and some other stencils here and there, but mostly I just had fun doodling with the paint and Sharpie fabric marker.


Now it hangs on the door, all ready for my next painting spree!


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  1. Wow! I love your paint shirt. What a fun idea! So fun you added quotes. Love the paint brushes coming out of the pocket! Happy painting!

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