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Domestic Wild watermark

One of the pieces I worked on at The Red Barn Studio in Lindsborg this week.  I guess a Dala horse would have been more appropriate than a rhino, but I had been wanting to do this guy for awhile.  The rhinoceros himself is done entirely with paper which I gleaned out of old books and my Citra Solv stash, and two of my crows thrown in for good measure.  Can you find them?

prepared panels.jpg

The background was made on a wood panel using National Geographic pages treated with Citra Solv.  I did add a bit of paint and ink on top of the background.  The fronds are cut from an assortment of “found” papers… a napkin, a manila envelope, and pattern tissue.

Pretty funky, but I kind of like the stark look using the vintage black and white and gray papers gives.

If you are interested in “painting” with paper, join me at Tessera Fine Art Gallery (316 262-2435) on June 11 for a hands on workshop.  That’s also where this piece, and several other new works, will be headed soon!

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  1. I LOVE this piece! The way the rhino is constructed is incredible.

  2. Susan GantZ

    I love the contrasts.Irecently saw a news piece on an attempt to save rhinos on a preserve in Afric where they are frequently poached for their horns. They tranquilize the animals,saw off their horns and paint the stubs with gentian violet to fight infection and discolor them. It seems so weird that they had to destroy a piece of nature to save it. So much in the worl d today leaves me feeling heavy and sad. One of the reasons u enjoy your art so much is the joy you manage to find the nothing the doing and the sharing. Wish I lived closer–a workshop would be on my agenda.

    • That is so interesting… and sad! And yes, art does bring me joy, even in the face of hard realities. I think it helps create different realities, or at least an alternative vision of things. If you ever make it to Kansas, I will create a workshop just for you!

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