The Weisman Art Museum

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On the main campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis is the uniquely designed Weisman Art Museum.  I find archtect Frank Gehry’s original sketch of this building totally intriguing.


This sketch translated into a very unique building that is situated on the east bank of the Mississippi River and is said to beautifully reflect the image of the setting sun on the river. Since we visited when the sun was high overhead, it looked more like this…


The inside architecture was also quite interesting with complex lines in the ceiling.


As impressive as the architecture was, I enjoyed the collection of art inside even more! Three of my daughters were there with me, and I enjoyed watching them enjoy the art together.



I was pretty impressed to see works by Andy Warhol and other “big” names in this campus art museum.

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And, of course, as with every visit to an art museum, I came away full of inspiration and ideas!

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  1. I love going into my campuses art exhibits- we don’t have Warhol but it is still fun! The originally sketch first for a giggle from me but then I spent at least a minute comparing it to the original- how cool

    • Yes, the more I look at it the more I am convinced this man must be a true genius with his brain working in a way I can’t fathom!

  2. What a wonderful building. I’m sure it was inspirational even aside from the contents.

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