My Junket Store Haul!

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I have so many favorites from our recent trip to Minnesota, but my favorite little local shop in Minneapolis had to be the Junket store at 4049 Minnehaha Ave. (how great is that?!) We discovered it while exploring the Minnehaha Mile, a fun little corner of the Twin Cities.

Home for the tossed and found, as they describe themselves, the Junket store is a treasure trove of the kind of stuff I like to use in my making.  I got loads of stuff to put on my smash books, like vintage motel key fobs, locker tags, slides, and assorted letters and numbers.

smash books

I got scraps and trims and crocheted bits for cuffs, rice packs, journals, and whatever other stray project may arise.

fabric cuffs 2.JPG

They also had some great stuff made from the old like these doilies made from old newspaper, etc. by  Doily News.   These will be finding their way into some artwork I am sure!


Just in case you want to drool a little over some closer looks….




Yes, I DO have plans for those broken bits of clarinet!


You can pick your crayons by color and I also got a couple of ancient oil pastels, mainly because I thought they looked so cool!


And there was soooo much more I left behind!  Definitely on my must visit again list for Minneapolis!

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