Feathers in Triplet

feathers by threes watermark.jpg

When I first started doing art as an adult, I started with watercolor.  I love the vivid colors and graphic look that can be achieved with this versatile medium.  I soon moved on to mixed media, the medium(s) that most of my work is in these days.  But once in awhile, I return to watercolor.  I find it relaxing and love the rich washy look of the colors.

So, recently, when the mood again struck me to pull out my pen and ink and watercolors, these three feathers became the result of my doodles.  First as a black and white ink sketch, then with color applied with watercolor.


There is just something about the process that draws me back again and again!

If interested in the original piece, matted and framed under glass, it will soon be hanging in the meeting room at Dillon Nature Center in Hutchinson.

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  1. Lush! Love the mix of color and pattern TFS ????

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