When you give an artist an ipad…

File Mar 05, 2 11 54 PM

This week I purchased a refurbished iPad….another step in my plan toward producing the videos you all have been asking for. But of course I had to do some playing around with it!

I used an app called Font Candy to make the Scripture art above.  I think it has some fun possibilities, and I look forward to exploring it a little more to make some word art.

One of the things I knew I wanted was the app Procreate because I keep seeing all kinds of awesome things artists do with it. I was behind on my daily faces, so I did some catching up using Procreate to do some very quick sketches. The next thing I did was to order a stylus!

I am excited about all the creative opportunities my new iPad will offer. If you are an iPad user, what are your favorite apps?

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