Eco Dye Workshop Coming Soon…

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I am super excited about a workshop coming up in April at Tessera Fine Art Gallery.  The morning session is called “Worth Dyeing For” and is all about using natural dyes to dye both fabric and paper.  We will especially emphasize making dye from materials that can be found in the garden, on a walk, or in the local grocery store or farmers market.  Loads of information on colors and techniques!  We will also each make a little dye bundle that can be taken home and dyed using one of a number of techniques.


Of course with Easter right around the corner, it would also be fun to use our new knowledge to dye Easter Eggs as well!


Rusting will also be included in the information shared in the morning session… so many lovely, artistic effects can be made with rust!


In the afternoon session, “Dyed and True” each participant will receive a dye bundle full of color and sweet surprises that we will use to make a mixed media paper and textile art project.  We will also look at adding beeswax and soy wax to our project…. but more on that later!


If you want to join the fun on April 8, call Tessera Fine Art Gallery at (316) 262-2435. Limited space available.

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