Gift Wrap Artsy Style

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This year I decided to add a personal touch to my Christmas packages by handpainting some gift wrap.  It is amazingly freeing to just let yourself go on a whole roll of plain white gift wrap!  I used plain wrap from Ikea that is white on one side, and kraft colored on the other side, but any plain wrap would do.  I chose to stick with three colors so that whatever design I painted it would all be coordinated.  Cheap acrylic paint works great.

I did quick and easy things like stripes, big strokes with a large dry brush, and simple shapes likes xs or dashes or circles. Using a brayer left some nice texture while doing some quick coverage.  I also stamped with cosmetic sponges, dripped and dribbled, made polka dots, and just generally had fun!

I also painted some coordinating gift bags and tags, which add the finishing touch to your packages. Here are some tags and gift boxes/envelopes from other years:

These are made from the humble toilet paper tube, and sheets of ordinary cardstock. Cover with paint and you have a transformation!

Who wouldn’t love a gift with a beautiful hand painted tag?

What are the artsy ways you make your gift packages extra special?



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