In my sketchbook lately…

While I love my art journal, I probably have been spending more time in my sketchbook lately, trying to capture ideas as they fly, doing relaxing doodles that will later become art fodder, or illustrating a verse or message.  They … Continued

Wired to Create – Book Review

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I am currently reading… well, actually listening to while I work, “Wired to Create”  by Scott Barry Kaufman  and Carolyn Gregoire.  I am finding it quite interesting.  It examines ten different attributes of creative people: Imaginative play Passion Daydreaming Solitude … Continued

Inspire Yourself to Life

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“Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death, but to inspire yourself to Life!”       Adele Brookman This seemed appropriate advice for Halloween week!  The background is a lovely Citra Solv altered page, more orange in real life!  In the … Continued