Wired to Create – Book Review

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I am currently reading… well, actually listening to while I work, “Wired to Create”  by Scott Barry Kaufman  and Carolyn Gregoire.  I am finding it quite interesting.  It examines ten different attributes of creative people: Imaginative play Passion Daydreaming Solitude … Continued

The Coloring Studio + Giveaway!

I have been eagerly anticipating this first ever issue of The Coloring Studio, published by Stampington Company.  For one thing, I knew that two of my coloring pages were to be included… and… But I was also excited to see … Continued

Blessed are the Weird People…


“Blessed are the weird people, the poets and misfits, the artists, the writers and music makers, the dreamers and the outsiders for they force us to see the world differently.” Isn’t that exactly the task and purpose of artists?

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