Fun and Games September Art Parts Pack

etsy fun and games

I realize it is not quite September yet, or even the end of August.  But I am too excited about the next “Art Parts” mixed media pack of fun to wait any longer to introduce it!  This Fun and Games themed pack is chock full of happy childhood ephemera.  Each pack has two vintage Bingo cards, vintage children’s book pages with sweet illustrations, a piece of game board, various game pieces and cards, pretty papers, tickets, dominoes, a coloring (or painting) sheet, and pretty papers. I am excited about using mine in my art journal and a few other projects om waiting.

fun and games bingo e1 cards and coloring all the stuff

These monthly themed packs of mixed media creative fodder can be purchase individually, or by getting a money saving subscription that will send a different pack to your mailbox each month.  Either way, shipping is FREE for customers in the United States.

I would love to see, and share with everyone, what you create with your own Art Part Pack!

September Workshop Fun at Tessera

I have a few fun workshops coming up in early September at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita that I am pretty excited about.

First up is a combined class of travel journaling and flips, flaps and fun (adding moving parts to your journal).  We will be making a fun little travel journal to add our fun to, but participants are welcome to bring their own journal and/or trip fodder to play with.

travel plus flips and flaps

Then, on Saturday of the same week will be Think Ink! in the morning session and Watercolor in the Mix in the afternoon.  Sign up for one or both as these lessons are a great compliment to each other.

think ink tessera flyer

watercolor in the mix flyer tessera

Hope you can work at least one of them into your schedule!


Community watermark

“Community” reflects, in the language of crows, what it means for us to live in community, helping each other achieve the heights of our potential.  We can reach higher together.

the prize

The top crow has a treasure firmly clasped in his beak.  Is it something he was reaching for, or did he carry it with him to the top?

bird 2

The friendly little crows are simply painted onto a background made of all manner of “found” papers and my own photos of industrial sorts of patterns.


20160816_131305 - Copy

20160816_131316 - Copy

You may remember being introduced to my stack of crows in my sketchbook…


As usual, it didn’t go exactly according to plan!

It is created right onto a cabinet door that I picked up at my local Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.  Makes a nice solid surface… and an instant frame!

Community on panel watermark

And the full effect…

Community full view

The artwork measures 7 3/4 x 29 1/2 inches (without the “frame” which adds another 2 3/4 inches on each of the four sides).  Cost: $135.


In my sketchbook lately…


While I love my art journal, I probably have been spending more time in my sketchbook lately, trying to capture ideas as they fly, doing relaxing doodles that will later become art fodder, or illustrating a verse or message.  They most often are not finished, as you see above, but just capture the essence of an idea to pursue later.


I have spent a lot of time on this sheet of intricate doodles that I am gradually filling in with paint and marker.  Then it will become decorative paper to use in my artwork.  Fortunately, I find it a relaxing before bed activity!

These are concept drawings for a piece that I will hopefully be sharing soon!


Doodles like this aren’t much to look at, but there are a couple of new stencils coming up that were born of this sketchbook entry!


And sometimes it is just a place where I try out a new style…

Do you keep a sketchbook?  What goes in it?

Towee Treetime Twosome

Towee Treetime Twosome watermark

“Towee Treetime Twosom” is created on a 24 x 30 inch stretched canvas, starting with a background created with my own Citra Solv on National Geographic magazine process.



Onto this background I added trees made from strips of papers from images of graffiti, and photographs of industrial elements.



The collage and paint pair of towee complete the composition.