“Mud Bath”

Mud Bath watermark.jpg

I really enjoyed making this piece.  First off, I just really like elephants!  And I love texture and the crackled “mud” background in this piece really captivated me.  And finally, the whole concept of these elephants painted from photos I took at the local zoo being represented on a sojourn to their African roots, and enjoying a nice messy tromp in a big, luxurious pool of mud appeals to me as well.

This piece is already sold, but I think some more mud play will be coming up!




Psalm 51:10 Create in Me a Pure Heart


I have been under the weather this weekend, so a coloring page was the perfect restful activity.

Here is the page for you to download, print, and color or paint as you wish!


Have a blessed day!

Tangible Texture Pendants



After having so much fun with my tangible textures on canvas, I decided they would be great on these little laminate samples I had picked up in my Plum Bazaar haul.  See them in the upper left of the photo below?  I knew they would come in handy some day!

Plum Bazaar haul

So, on the backside of these little laminate samples I had a blast digging through my junk jar and arranging little bits of treasures to be.


Then I added a coat of gesso and paint..


And added some shine with some old Treasure Gold I had picked up years ago at a garage sale.  If you have some that has gotten dry like mine, add some turpentine with a dropper, close the lid and let them sit a day or two and they should be usable again.  I also used a Derwent Inktense pencil in bark color with a wet paintbrush to add some shading around the elements.



And there they are finished, ready for some black cords!


I will be taking these pendants to Tessera Fine Art Gallery  in Wichita, Kansas for their upcoming holiday boutique… and maybe wearing one myself if I can decide which one!  I am kind of partial to this one with the baby doll shoe on it… Which is your favorite?



“Play” Digital File

PLAY for etsy.jpg

I love using digital download sheets.  They make such an easy starting place, or the perfect little something to finish up a page easy peasy!  I have chosen some bits and pieces out of my own art journal to share with you on this page of play themed collage elements.




If you like playful and whimsical, here are a couple of November workshops you may enjoy…



Choose Joy


Sometimes happy accidents happen in art.  “Choose Joy”  was one such accident.  I had been working on six or so faces on wood panels at once.  The other five had already gotten their preliminary coat and I was ready to do just one more… but I was nearly out of time.  Wanting to at least use the paint on my palette, I decided to hurry and just rough in my lights and darks with the leftover paint.  This quick, rough painting was so much better than the other five!  I was so happy with my rough painting that I left it with just some minor touch ups and work on the eyes.

I also like how the face doesn’t fit on my board.  It helps to really focus on the face instead of the setting.  I will have to remember that.

The trick will be trying to repeat the process.  Maybe set a timer so I have to hurry?