Tis the Season

Christmas tree copy

I don’t know about you, but the schedule gets pretty crazy this time of year.  Craft shows, magazine deadlines, artist receptions, store deliveries, purchases to ship, special orders to make…. and that is just the business side of things.  There are also concerts and parties, my own gift shopping and making, cooking and cleaning, and …on and on. The list for each day expands at the same rate that my energy wanes.  There is never enough day, never enough time.  Rush, rush, rush as if the universe will fall apart if I don’t!

Then one evening I was sitting tiredly at the table working, or rather thinking about the work I needed to do, when I started doodling in my sketchbook.  It was not on my to do list, but I am glad that I took time to doodle.  The words of John 3:16 flowed into the shape of a Christmas tree.  It got me to thinking.  This is the season that believers, and even unbelievers, turn their attention toward Christ giving up His lofty throne in heaven to live among us, as one of us. He gave up doing all the God things like naming stars and orchestrating the workings of the universe, just to come live at our side to help us, heal us, save us.

It is not the season to be so busy shopping for gifts that I have no time to spend with the people I am shopping for.  It is no time to be too intent on my schedule to help and love and heal. In the midst of my “important” hustle and bustle,  I need to imitate the One we celebrate by stepping down from my lofty ideas of what needs to get done and take the time to live among others with love.

For a free pdf coloring page of my doodle:   Christmas tree coloring page

Christmas tree

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