Montana Journal part 2

Last week I introduced my travel journal recording a family trip to Montana, and all the stops to and from.  This week I pick up where we left off (in Nebraska) with more pages!


Our first over night stop was in South Dakota.  In my stockpile I brought with me was a map of each of the states we were visiting.  I did a simple watercolor of Mt. Rushmore on a piece of scrapbook paper, added a vintage look postcard we bought there, and circled the part of the state we were visiting.


18-19 copy

On the winding highway approaching Mt. Rushmore, we eagerly watched for a distant view of the majestic landmark. When we approached a tunnel, I took a photo through the front windshield.  Later, I cut out the tunnel in that photo and placed a photo of Mt. Rushmore behind it to make a peek-a-boo page.


With the page opened….. 20-21b copy

On this page, I added a paper sack from the Mt. Rushmore gift shop where I bought more postcards, and used it to hold memorabilia in.  The colorful HELLO is cut from a postcard. On the right side of the spread I sketched Lincoln’s profile and a worker to give an idea of the scale.  I also recorded some other interesting trivia that I learned while we were there.


Next week, the movable “tram” page!


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  1. I am loving your travel journal. I love the peekaboo tunnel and your painting of Mount Rushmore.

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