Before and After Altered Thrift Store Art

thrift store painting

The nearby city of Hutchinson celebrates the arts every Third Thursday.  As a fundraiser, they had a number of artists alter a thrift store painting, then auctioned them off at last night’s Third Thursday event.  This is the beautiful print I started with…

thrift store whole

IMG_5119 IMG_5115

First, I roughly blocked in my plan.  I wanted to leave the original scene, but just add an event.  I like that the street scene itself transcends time, but the things happening on the street change.  Like the horse and carriage turned “vintage” camper.

I had a fun time imagining fun little details, and the street fair theme seemed entirely appropriate for a Third Thursday event.

Here is the finished piece….

street fair

I decided I needed to paint the frame to match better and update it a bit as well…


And here are some of the other artist’s pieces…

gallery of artwork copy

I think whimsy was the theme of the day! Well done everyone!

in the gallery

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