Stop Fearing Failure

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“When we stop fearing failure, we start being artists.”

Ann Voskamp

It is true that being an artist is a scary business, and the fear of failure, or even just not being “good enough” is a constant threat.  However, isn’t that true of living in general?  Fear will stop us from doing all kinds of things, of really LIVING our one and only life. If we don’t go for it, we will miss it.

Is the fear of failure keeping you from something you would love to do?

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  1. This blog post really speaks to me. I need to return to selling my art but fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, holds me back. My logical self knows that’s silly and that it’s worth trying but my emotional side paralyses me. I used to sell in exhibitions etc so why wouldn’t I be able to sell online? I need to give myself a good shake, stop making excuses, duct tape the mouth of my inner critic and just get on with it and have a go.

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