Art Journaling 101 workshop at Tessera Gallery

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I had so much fun on Saturday’s sessions of my Art Journaling 101 workshop at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita!  This was an introduction to art journaling that will kick off a whole series of monthly art journal related workshops.

There are so many benefits to art journaling!  It is a great stress reliever, gets us back in touch with our creative side, gives us a place to try out new tools and techniques, and the classes are a great place to share ideas and make new friends!


In future workshops we will learn all kinds of fun and helpful mixed media things like creating faces, paint over collage, embellishing with tabs and tags and other treasures, adding moving parts, lettering tips and tricks, painting over collage, making our own stamps, what to do with stencils, and art supplies you already own but didn’t know it!  The whole goal is to make art journaling fun and accessible to anyone!


But in this class, we just covered some basic ideas, like disguising our writing so we don’t have to worry about anyone reading our inner most thoughts, using gesso, dripping and dribbling paint, and using people stencils and masks.

20150815_104335 20150815_094159 20150815_143449 Step 4


Hope you can join us for the next workshop on Lettering!

(Saturday, Sept. 19 1 to 4pm Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  Space is limited! Call (316) 262-2435 to reserve a spot)

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