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I love finding something unique to use as a platform for my art. In preparing artwork for the upcoming Ecofest in Wichita, I thought it would be the perfect time to use this old chair back that I had found at a garage sale.


I removed some partly broken spindles, and turned the panel upside down so that the opening in the center would look like a heart.  That inspired my choice for the piece…. some romantic little love birds with some sweet roses.


I cut the roses out of a wallpaper border, then painted over them, adding some more leaves cut from book pages.

bird closeup

The blue birds are a collage of book pages, Citra Solv paper, and paint.

What is your preference, art on a nice “normal” canvas or framed, or something created on a base of the unexpected?  Can’t wait to see what else shows up at Ecofest!

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  1. Its always wonderful to see art in unexpected platforms. The variety of unexpected bases where art can be made adds to the magic of the whole piece.

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