Illustrator Andrea D’Aquino

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I have always had an appreciation for well illustrated children’s books, but now that I have illustrated a couple of them myself, I have become even more interested and attentive to the artwork that can make or break a book.  When I recently discovered the work of artist Andrea D’Aquino, I soon found that she had illustrated a very newly released edition of an old classic by Lewis Carroll, “Adventures in Wonderland”.


I was so captivated by her work that I had to purchase a copy for myself! I was not at all disappointed.  The cover itself is beautiful, and I also quickly noticed the fun page edges with lines from the book.



Inside, I found many, many beautifully illustrated pages!  It is such a different sort of artwork than I have seen paired with this book before that I was very intrigued.

IMG_5891 20150910_210807

This book will definitely be going into my select shelf of inspiration books.  Looking at the pages just makes me want to go make some art!  It will also double as a great book for visiting grandkids to enjoy.

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