Genesis 4:7 Sunday Doodle

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This year my ladies Bible Study class is going back through Bible studies that I wrote back in 2007 and published on my Down Victory Road website.  It is designed as a through the Bible in a Year in chronological order, but we have decided to take 2 weeks for each lesson instead of one.  Each lesson has a memory verse with it, so today’s doodle is the memory verse for the first lesson.  I am not good at memory work, so doodling a verse is a good way for me to spend more time with it.

It was illustrating these studies that made me rediscover my love for making art.  Paying for all the things involved in offering these free Bible Studies is what first led me to start selling my art.  One thing led to another and now I am fully enjoying my art career!

I still maintain the Down Victory Road website and have added many other studies over the years.  I have also been adding coloring pages, so feel free to hop on over and see what there is!

You can also download and print today’s coloring page right here.  Just right click, save and print!

Gen 4.7

I am coloring today’s page with Prismacolor pencils, then blending with Gamsol on a paper stump.

Happy coloring!

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