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I have plans on creating a series of abstract still life pieces.  I keep doing some as a “warm up” or to figure out how I want to go about them.  I suspect my series will end up being a string of my “practice” pieces!

This is “In Good Taste” which was created by first entirely covering the 12 x 12 canvas with a pretty paper napkin which can still be seen in the vase. A second napkin in deep reds was pasted on toward the top, and bits of it are visible in the flowers.  Then it was just a matter of painting out what I didn’t want.  I added a pear, with a bit of a burrito wrapper that bore the word TASTE, hence the name.

This canvas, along with many of my other pieces is currently available at Tessera Fine Art Gallery.  Call (316) 262-2435 if interested.

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  1. Every single time, I love what you do. Thank you.

  2. This is so fantastic! I love the text paper as the stripes on the vase and the incorporation of the word taste on the pear.

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