Sunrise to Sunset


There seem to have been a lot of spectacular sunrises and sunsets lately.  I am so blessed to have a great view of the sunrise behind some trees, right out my front door!


Maybe it is just that I have been on the road at the right time of day to catch the sunset more lately, but the evening sky has been quite spectacular lately too!  I love this one because it has my beloved little town in silhouette on the horizon.


But this one has to be my favorite, taken along the highway from here to there of the evening sky.


Sunrises and sunsets fill me with gratitude and hope for the new day coming, and grace for the day that is nearly done.

Today’s Scripture coloring page from Psalm 65:8 is with this gift of beauty in mind. Feel free to right click, download and print for your own coloring pleasure!

Ps 65.8




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  1. Wonderful! I think God is trying to surprise and delight you with his beautiful painted skies. <3

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