New Art Journal


I have been itching to begin a new art journal and selected this old book on Mathematics as the one.  It has a lovely cover, and I think it would be fun to change the title to “Artematics” somehow.  Mainly I picked it for it’s size.  I wanted one that was not to thick and heavy.  The pages are fairly sturdy, though I will still go through and glue every two pages together.


Even a somewhat boring page can hold some fun opportunities!


I made this crow page to try out my new two part crow stencil, now available in my etsy shop. I’m not sure what this “eminent master of mathematics” would think of his new role as the Crow Man…

crow stencil copy


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  1. Patty Pittala

    That’s probably one of the best pages I have ever seen- creative and humorous and resourceful!
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Great page! I love the way you melded your imagination with the content of the page. When you glue two pages together, do you also remove some pages to reduce bulk? I have only altered one book so far and I removed probably 10% of the pages but now I am wondering if I should have bothered.

    • If I am just painting the pages I don’t remove many…maybe some that I want to save an image for something. If I am doing collage work also though, I will remove up to half the pages so it doesn’t get so bulky.

      • Thanks for answering. I have another book that I will alter at some point. I only painted in my last one so probably I won’t need to remove the pages then.

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