Wishful Thinking

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This is the nearly complete fox that I created using a reverse painting technique.


I started with a 18 x 24 wood panel covered with Citra Solv treated National Geographic magazine pages that I had scrubbed part of the ink off through my own  stencil.


You can begin to see things taking shape.


I also blocked out areas for plants and an overhanging tree branch.


Almost done…

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  1. Aw he really does look wistful. I love the way you do leaves and trees and those pages give such depth! Do you start with plywood? I’d love to find a way to start with wood panels that are cheaper than the gessobord I’ve been using (by Ampersand).

    • For this one I used an un gessoed cradle board from Cheap Joes art supply. It is lovely to collage on and doesn’t require a frame. But I have also used a fine construction grade of plywood or masonite which are both nice to work on… and cheap, but needs framed.

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