Don’t throw out that leftover dye!

This weekend we had great fun decorating Easter eggs with the grandkids.  Ever on the lookout for art supplies, I decided to try using the leftover dye as watercolor paints on Sunday’s Scripture doodle. As always, I began with an ink drawing of … Continued

Somerset Apprentice Giveaway Celebration!

I am privileged to have the creation of my mixed media collage piece, “Deep Roots” as one of the featured articles in the current issue of Somerset Apprentice Magazine. It is pretty fun to see it in print, especially in … Continued

If You Love Me…. Scripture Doodle

Our lessons in church have been over the Ten Commandments, and their continued relevance, so I have been looking at what the New Testament has to say.  Today’s Scripture Doodle is from John 14:15, “If you love me, you will … Continued

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