It’s Time to Have Some Fun!

time for fun

Sometimes, some just plain old silliness pops into my pages.  This is another of my magazine turned art journal pages, and the original lovely and respectable lady in the ad became a whimsical pink haired and long necked fun loving friend.  It is like there is a child within that drives creative outbursts of ideas that catch the grown up me by surprise.  But, maybe that is not so surprising considering that a sense of fun is a pretty crucial aspect of finding the glow of creativity.  It helps me escape the boundaries of the ordinary to see possibilities beyond what meets the eye.  It links this to that to make connections that otherwise would remain unseen.  Even in such expressions of fun, I am often surprised at the important truths that reveal themselves.  Perhaps play is the spiritual exercise that makes children so in touch with God.  They are able to see in a different way, enabling a faith that can imagine God doing the impossible.  So, let the child out to play!

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