When Giraffes Fly…


Giraffe over moon watermark

While in Lucas (there is a lot to talk about in that little town!) we visited the Flying Pig gallery and studio of Eric Abraham.  He did fabulous and fanciful porcelain work, among which was a flying giraffe that really caught my fancy!  So in the car, on the way home I sketched out my own version.  I have been kind of in to moons with faces lately too, so it seemed perfectly natural to have the giraffe flying over the moon!

I love art journaling because it is a place to try out ideas.  Some never go any further, some turn into actual pieces of artwork.  This one has also showed up in a pop up page which I have been wanting to do every since seeing Jane Davenport’s Lifebook 2014 lesson.

Pop up page

Happy art journaling!


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  1. I love your original page but that pop-up page is exceptional.

  2. I sent your name forward to Studio B. She asked about our favorites and so I did.

  3. Nancy Lee

    Nice colors!
    Cute even for a babies’ room!

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