Using Digital Download Sheets, Plus a FREE one!

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digital sheets

I love having a stockpile of digital collage elements to use in my mixed media projects. I have purchased many from various etsy shops, and also have created a fair stockpile of my own through the years.  I have recently added several to my etsy shop, at only $1 per download.  You simply purchase, download, and then print as many times as you wish.  You can use them in your artwork, even artwork to sell, but I do ask that you not duplicate them in part or whole for sale as is.

They include sheets of vintage items, like typewriters, or cameras, or old photos that I have photographed from my stash.  I love to use these on journals, or in my artwork.


I also have some that are my own artwork elements that I use over and over, like this sheet of different sizes of ravens.

ravens Valentine canvas 1 RAVEN ATC

Recently, I have been going to town with artist trading cards, and the digital downloads are wonderful for this.  I created a Valentine themed sheet with specially sized elements for use with ATC Valentine cards.


We used this and other sheets at a recent ATC card workshop.

finished B10

I also created a sheet of Valentine themed phrases that I printed on a sticker sheet so that they were easy to stick on after cutting them out.


Download and print your own FREE word sheet!

As a pdf file: valentine words

or, as an image:

valentine words

Hope you enjoy!

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