Happy Earth Day!

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My little artsy business started around the idea of reusing discarded items in new ways.  The newly coined words “repurposing” or “upcycling” describe most of my crafty projects. I love the idea of turning something unwanted into something wanted.  Perhaps it is because I was raised by depression era parents who taught me that waste was irresponsible.

So on this day designated for us to be aware of caring for our earth, I encourage you to go a step beyond recycling because the most simple and efficient way to avoid waste is to simply reuse what you can find around the house, or what others have discarded.

When my husband had a pile of useless inner tubes,

bicycle inner tubes

they became fun and useful fashion accessories.


Discarded suits, pillowcases, and old belts become lovely bags.



Books become journals, toilet paper tubes become gift boxes, window panes become frames…. you get the idea!

The trick is keeping all those goodies organized!

B1 B10

So today, do the earth a favor, watch what you are discarding, and think about how it could be reused!

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  1. Happy Earth day to you too! up with the old becomes new again., waste not want not generation, who went through really hard times. We need to teach others what our parents taught us. You are doing a great job of that! Thank you.

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