Pondering, a Mother’s Day message from my art journal

mother watermark

I am always drawn to these words written about Mary, the mother of Jesus.  There was a woman with much to think about!  But as mothers, we can identify can’t we?

Lots of pondering happens as Mothers. From the exhausting, joyous days of caring for an infant, through the “why?” years of preschool, and the hopes and hurts of elementary school, through the strange behaviors of the middle school child and the increasingly independent attitude of the teenager, and clear on into the stage of launching into young adulthood and starting families of their own… there is much, much to ponder. From the relatively simple questions of how to do this, to the heartache of encounters with childhood cruelty, we ponder what will come of it all.  We ponder what our ever changing role and relationship is, we ponder the choices our children make, and we ponder what the future will hold.  And where does all this pondering happen late at night consoling a child after a nightmare, or waiting for the tardy arrival?  It happens much more in our hearts than in our heads!

So this day, Mothers, whether you are with your children or not, take time to sit back and do a little pondering. And whatever the stage of life is in, or even if they are no longer with you, spend a little time pondering the enormous privilege you have been given to have been such an important part of another’s life!

Here is a picture of my gang from 17 years ago!  My how all that pondering time flies!


Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. I had missed that you were a mother of eight kids. You must have been on the receiving end of twice as many unsolicited “large family” remarks as I am. I could not agree more with your sentiment. My oldest is still only 12 but I’m already all too aware of how fleeting their childhoods are so I try to remind myself to savour every moment, the good, the bad and the ugly, because I will never have this time with them again. Happy Mother’s Day.

  2. lovely page a quote.

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