Wedding Bliss

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Wedding Bliss watermark

I have been meaning to do a bit of wedding art for some time.  I keep being asked for wedding cards and I just didn’t have any!

I recently went to a wedding and when I received my pretty paper napkin at the reception I knew that it was going to go home with me and end up in a piece of art, and what better than a wedding piece?

lace napkins

As you can see, I persuaded my family to save their napkins as well! Motivation for tidy eating!

Here is an in progress shot….  you can see that I am still playing with her hair, and haven’t done a lot of shading yet.

wedding bliss in progress

Since this was done from a photo, it gave me the idea that it would be perfect to do a commissioned piece with napkins or fabric from the wedding and colors and seasons….I could even incorporate bits of the wedding invitation…. What a perfect anniversary gift!

As for my cards…. what should the inside message be?

If you are interested in this 11 x 14 original on paper, or in commissioning a piece, email me at 

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  1. You’ve done a lovely job with this piece. The napkins are perfect collage material for the subject matter. I am so glad your family eat tidily.

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